The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is the global multi-stakeholder forum for dialogue on Internet governance issues which is convened by the United Nations Secretary-General

IGF 2022 will be organized in a hybrid format bringing together stakeholders from around the world to discuss with overarching theme: Resilient Internet for a shared sustainable and common future. Inclusively participants representing governments, intergovernmental organizations, the private sector, the technical community, and civil society (including academia) are expected to have a meaningful IGF sessions in both Online and physical (hybrid) platform.

Ethiopia will serve as a host country for the 17th Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2022).. It will be held in the UN-ECA Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in November 28 to December 02/2022 lead by the FDRE Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Join us to make a history in the Global IGF 2022!

For further elaboration and past editions visit the official UN website

Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT)

The innovation and technology ministry is one of the 19 ministerial offices re-organize in a new manner by being accountable to the office of the prime minister after duly established as per Article 55 Sub Article 1 of the FDRE Proclamation No. 1097/2018.